About Michael

Santa Barbara resident, Michael C. Armour, received his B.A. from Tufts University, where he studied at the Boston School of Fine Arts Extension.  He is an award winning writer/director of documentaries and commercials, the author of two best selling children’s books, Orca Song and Puma Range, and the soon-to-be-published crime novel Creek (movie option by Leonardo DiCaprio/Warner Brothers). His paintings have been exhibited in Connecticut, Washington, New York, Montana, and California.


“For a time, my family lived in a one bedroom house left over from the oil-boom days located on a small lane by the ocean in Santa Barbara, California.  Our porch opened to unkempt forests and fields, high dunes, and the endless play of light and texture of the Pacific.
“Though I’ve ranged from Alaska to New York, the influence of those years spent on Padaro Lane has figured into the abstract and representational work I’ve made over the years–in almost every way. It was a beautiful time for light, for space, for simplicity.
“In the end, what I find most spiritual about art is the time a person can spend looking at it, contemplating it.  The divisions of space, the intelligence of color, the art of the line, the uniqueness of image, these captivate and move me whether I work in abstract, figurative, or landscape.  In each I find the same challenges and beauty that come from the interplay oflight and space and simplicity; there is little about the modern world that makes these considerations irrelevant to me.”


“Every one of my favorite artists–from Matisse, Picasso, Nolde, Avery, Rothko, to Diebenkorn, Motherwell, Giacometti, Marini, to Close, Warhol, Krasner, Hopper–have all made art I can spend hours looking at.  Their work is still important and exciting to me.
“My stuff is meant to be fun and nowhere near as serious, but it is very much meant to be principled and to be true to my own nature.“